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Saturday, July 08, 2006


And thus begins my foray into internet self-promotion... I'll start by thanking my sources of inspiration:

1. the corporate cluster f@#$ experience (TM)
3. the fascinating world of software economics

...which happily map to what I think this blog will be about:
1. the corporate cluster f@#$ experience (TM)
2. quantitative and qualitative business analysis (not technology focused)
3. Tech industry "strategery"

I happen to work at Microsoft. I'd like to call out that theme #1 is by no means unique to my fine employer. And let's say that I don't plan on pulling a "minimsft" as much as I appreciate his fine editorials. (ie. exposing a little too much of the company's internals for my own and the company's good... as noble as his goals are...)

- respice finem

PS... on the title:
"Ventureless" stuck in my head in describing theme #1... appending that with capital just seemed natural... and furthermore captures the romanticized image of billion dollar IPOs that make themes #2 and #3 so broadly interesting.


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