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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

MySpace - Zidane - ASP.NET

The MySpace stats are rocking out the blog world today (I saw it on TechCrunch). I never would've expected it to beat Google and Yahoo in traffic... ever (even if it's just this week).

Hat's off to "my friend" Tom, or whoever that deserves the credit, for building something for the age 12-34 segment that no one else quite gets except for MTV maybe. The rest of us engineers sure can't seem to figure it out and I'm not convinced Zuckerberg gets it either. Hat's off to Murdoch for being a pimp too. Now he just needs to figure out how to partner (maybe even acquire?) Sony Computer Entertainment so News Corp can get some interactive MyStation action in to every household. (You'll find that I'm fascinated with someone making proper use of the Playstation franchise, while leaving uber-engineer Kutaragi in the corner with his dunce cap to figure out how pumping crap through those 8 Cell vector processing units changes the world of media)

Check out Zidane's Adidas marketing MySpace. Everyone at work was talking about head-butting today so I figure I may as well too. Anyways, MySpace brand campaigns like this (along with just about every music artist from pop to indie) validate MySpace's differentation: they don't have to worry about click fraud like those Google guys because MySpace will just create its own happy CPM. Though Yahoo! ought to be scared... their 360 product doesn't seem to get the MySpace phenomenon and Trip Planner is just a verticalized MySpace.

And finally, it was a victory for Microsoft today as well: ASP.NET served this week's most visited US Internet site! Go Bob Muglia and the STB! Who needs proprietary Linux clusters cobbled together by hacker nerds, when you can pay some consultants to setup a some friendly Windows machines. But uh-oh, there sure is a lot of Flash on MySpace.


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