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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Schmidt’s Hiding Something on Click Fraud

After reading this post from John Battelle, I think Schmidt is hiding something:

  1. a top secret master plan where Google eradicates clickfraud overnight and changes the world of media yet again
  2. or his track record of being a doofus (validated by ValleyWag of course!)

Let's give Mr. Eric the benefit of the doubt and assume #1 is the case... those sheiste do-gooders just pulled one on us: Google Checkout (formerly known as GBuy)!
Google Ad-Sales Account Manager circa 2007: "Hey guys, if you use GBuy as your payment system then you get cost-per-sale... isn't that what we all wanted! No more clickfraud and the ultimate in pay-for-performance! And it sure beats that CPC stuff those Yahoo dinosaurs are offering."

The events that ensue:

  • eBay waves their fists, why didn't we execute on that! Meg calls up Terry: "so about that merger..."
  • Amazon reminisces about the disaster that was A9 and what "could" have been.
  • Microsoft opens 107 heads for Windows Live Money Collection Center (for the People Ready business), throws a partner conference, and starts blogging. Oh yeah, and Steve throws a chair.


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