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Thursday, July 13, 2006

What’s beneath the EU Microsoft fine?

I'm very curious to understand what's beneath this whole European Commission Microsoft fine. By that I mean the underlying motives. I've never looked deeply in to this whole European debacle and have 0 context on European government, politics or interests.

The EC/EU must have some alterior motive because all the anti-competitive claims are blatantly bull. Do they just need the money? (ie. the fine is a foregone conclusion no matter how hard MSFT tries) So I Googled for "EU Microsoft behind" to find:

(sidenote: I felt guilty and followed up with Live Search, the results were quite comparable considering my searches ambiguity)

EU ROTA had some good writing and sounds like he/she has some well founded insights, here's an entry relating to MS: EU Elites: So Far Behind You Think You Are Ahead

It has a quote that supports my hypothesis: "Ms. Kroes' office would probably have to be downsized considerably if the original Windows case was rightfully dropped".

The whole anti-competitive socialist nations in economic purgatory seems like an interesting dynamic to understand. Anyone have other editorial sources that are more positive? I like how EU ROTA seems to have good supporting data, but I'm generally clueless on the Europe topic so that's not saying much coming from me. I'll have to do more research and follow up.


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